Westernasset.pro – Announced new feature – Trading

There are many opportunities on the internet for people to earn some additional income. Face it, you can’t get rich by simply working from 9 to 5. You have to be creativeto come up with some idea that will help you earn something extra. 

I recently wrote about my new favorite community earning platform, Westernasset.pro. The platform has allowed me to make some hefty profit with just a few hours of use per day, which is just what I needed. So far, I had been using the method to generate income by working, and I’m quite pleased with it. However, the platform developers recently announced a new legit feature to help you earn some extra cash – trading.

The trading feature that Westernasset.pro implements is a legit way to make some extra buck. It’s under the name ‘Generate passive income’, and it’s aimed at people that don’t want to waste time with other software solutions but just want to invest money and let their investment grow. The platform uses a popular feature called copy trading.

As you probably know already, Westernasset.pro is a startup that specializes in the development of software and applications that help people make money on the internet. The newest addition is the trading platform, which I think is another legit way to make money.

Westernasset.pro passive income method

Westernasset.pro uses an innovative copy trading platform that will help members generate a stable monthly profit. Judging by the other software provided by this company, I don’t think this one is a scam, and I think it’s a legit option for people that don’t want to use some of the other software solutions. 

To use the trading feature, you have to register to the platform – which is free. From then, you’ll have to fill up the information about how many hours are you willing to spend on the platform per week, and other info that will help them suggest a solution for you. 

When you’re provided with the solutions, the trading feature is in the ‘Generate passive income’ section.

The platform features software that’s capable of making complex market analysis and provides platform users suggestions – or an impulse, on where to invest. Users receive the impulse, once per day. The social trading platform is a legit way of making some extra cash because it allows newcomers get into the trading world and trade with confidence by using the help of AI calculated investment plans.

Additionally, the copy trading platform allows users to select the most profitable traders on the platform and copy their trades automatically and in real-time. The initial investment can be as low as 250€, and the platform promises profits from 10% to 25% per month of your initial investment. 

I believe you can generate stable income by using the new trading feature on Westernasset.pro. Copy trading is much more profitable when compared to manual trading, especially for newcomers that have never made a trade in their life – like myself.