Gambling Assistance Software – How I earn my money

With the rise of online gambling in the past decade, numerous software solutions that promise to ‘beat the casino’ have seen the light of day. Can a software really beat the casino? Is it that easy? In most cases, no.

There are software solutions that promise to ‘beat the casino’ up to 95% of the time. The reality is that most of these software are scams, and you should avoid them at all cost. I’ve tried some of these acclaimed ‘super-smart companions’ that promise a lot, but fail to achieve. The majority of software solutions that promise you will win all the time are scams! 

However, I believe you shouldn’t exclude all of them – because there are some solutions that have the potential to help you win some profit. As the name suggests, these are ‘assistant software’ – meaning they can assist you with your game, not do all the work for you. The worst of these scam software features an automated bot that puts the bets for you, which only means one thing: the bot will clear your account before you realize it!

Taking all of this in consideration, there are some software solutions that have helped me earn a lot of money by taking my game to the next level. From poker to roulette and other table games, I’ve used all kinds of software to try and make my life easier, and I’ll tell you which ones really have some potential, and which ones are a cold-hearted scam!

Which options do I use?

During my years-long so-called ‘gambling career’ I’ve come across dozens of solutions. As I mentioned above, most of them are a scam and you should avoid them at all cost. However, some software has really helped me achieve something that wouldn’t be possible without using them. When it comes to online poker, there are many poker assisting software that work and will most definitely help you. The first one that comes to mind is Hold Em Manager 3. It’s what most professional poker players use while playing online poker, and it’s a great way to study your opponents and become better. 

I firmly believe that tracking software is necessary for players that take their game seriously. Poker is all about having information on your opponents, and the software does all the job in the best possible way. The worst part of it, though, is that it’s an expensive solution that will set you back a few hundred euros.

When it comes to roulette assisting software, the options are more limited. There are countless scam options that promise impossible winnings in roulette, but most certainly fail to provide. I’ve tested pretty much all of the roulette assisting software that’s available on the market, and the results have been depressing, to say the least. 

I recently came across a new and ‘innovative’ community earning platform that features a roulette assisting software based on the proven Martingale strategy. The platform’s name is, and there are many reviews and users that have achieved great results so far. The software is free to use – except you have to pay a commission of 10% of your profit when you decide to withdraw. I honestly think this is a fair price if the software works. 

Following my registration to the platform, I chose to use the method that generates income by working. The solution provides you with a complete training consisting of a few steps in which you will learn how the software works. In reality, it’s very easy to understand it, even if you’re a complete newb.

The software is based on the Martingale strategy and each ‘game’ is a separate session. What surprised me is that you can’t end a session with a loss – meaning that the software will do the calculations and instruct you how much to bet until you end up in a profit. There are three options available: 0.1€ sessions, 1€ sessions, and 10€ sessions.

After I tested with all of the options, I realized that your best bet are the 1€ sessions. If you choose to play with 0.1€ per session, you’ll work for ages to make some substantial profit. On the other hand, the 10€ sessions may be a lot quicker, but you’ll have to invest a bit more to have a smooth sailing.

The worst part about it are the long sessions. Don’t be scared, though. It’s normal to have a long session, and it can and will happen to you. You just need to follow the instructions and bet exactly as much as the software tells you to. If you bet more than that or less the amount suggested, you will disrupt the system and the calculations.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with this solution and I’ll continue to use it. I think has come up with an exciting and genuinely innovative solution when it comes to assisting roulette players, and it’s one of the rare solutions that’s not a scam!